Training & Development

We are committed to providing training and development opportunities for all our employees.


Stevenage Location

Farnham House / Robertson House,
Six Hills Way,
SG1 2FQ.

Apsley Location

Apsley Campus
Brindley Way,
Hemel Hempstead,
HP3 9BF.

County Hall

County Hall,
Pegs Lane, Hertford,
SG13 8DQ.


Hertfordshire Business Services,
Welwyn Garden City,
AL7 1FT.

Hertfordshire Development Charter

Training & Development Opportunities

We are committed to the continuous training and development of all our staff and encourage and support our employees to seek out opportunities to enhance and expand their existing skill-set.

We offer a wide range of training and development courses both in-house and through external providers, details of which are available to all staff through our new online learning platform iLearn+.  

Courses are carried out across a range of locations, including Hertfordshire Development Centre, which adjoins our Stevenage site and is a dedicated training facility.  

Our principles for training and development are listed below in our Development Charter:

The Hertfordshire County Council Development Charter

“As an employee of the county council…

  • I work for an organisation where learning is valued and where there will be equality of opportunity.
  • I will be supported to undertake the learning and development I need to help me to achieve and maintain a high standard of performance in line with the council’s values and behaviours and so help the organisation deliver the best possible services to the people of Hertfordshire.

I am entitled to…

  • An induction programme into my own job and service as well as the wider organisation
  • A manager who will help me to understand my contribution by providing:
    • Clear and measurable objectives for my work
    • An annual review of my performance
    • A Personal Development Plan which addresses my development needs

I will be encouraged to undertake…

  • Appropriate learning to support my performance plan. This will take account of any qualifications I need for my work and career development and may be delivered in a variety of ways including work experience, e-learning, coaching, secondments, training courses.

I recognise that learning is a personal responsibility and I will therefore…

  • Play an active part in the review of my performance
  • Share responsibility for identifying my development needs
  • Take advantage of development opportunities
  • Recognise that there are many different ways of learning
  • Share my learning with colleagues”